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The latest car park solutions
adapted to the needs of 2024

Higher profit from each space

Reduction in maintenance costs

Use of existing infrastructure

Automated parking process

Improved security

Time savings

Increased advertising

additional revenue from the stations

Maximise your parking space revenue with Share.P!

Earn extra income from your unused spots while enjoying hassle-free operations, including advertising and billing.

Additionally, Share.P offers its services in six languages to cater to a broader audience.

Don’t let your parking spaces go to waste – join Share.P today!

Reduce regular parking costs
by up to 35%

The importance of savings has never been greater than it is today. It is becoming increasingly more expensive to operate a parking lot, and customers are not willing to pay a higher rate.

Our car park management system allows you to make savings without compromising your customers’ experience.

Modern technology enables us to optimise your parking facility, accelerate the verification and billing procedures, and offer efficient automation processes.

More income doesn’t mean more work.

Our system can be used in a car park to replace multiple tasks that would otherwise be performed by human labor.

With the use of innovative technology and advanced automation, we streamline the parking process by introducing contactless parking, automatic verification, navigation, and payment collection.

Using our system, you will be able to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and provide a better customer experience.

No more overpaying.

Take your parking services to the next level by upgrading to the Share.P system.

Installing the Share.P system is a straightforward and rapid process that does not require removing or tarring any existing infrastructure.

This simple upgrade will provide all the necessary functionality without the need for costly replacements. The Share.P system is a fast, cost- effective, and environmentally friendly solution.

The Share.P system in a car park provides:

Our parking system is compatible with all parking barriers and garage doors. Integration with other car park systems is available as well.

Online payments

Booking and subscription system

Increased advertising

Fully integrated into the car park

Access Control

QR Code scan

Plate recognition

Button in the app

EV charging stations

Fully integrated into the parking system


Operating underground

Featured project

Share.P, in cooperation with Interparking, operates, among others, an underground garage in the centre of Wroclaw. The National Forum of Music car park is accessible from the Share.P app for all drivers.

There are 662 parking spaces available.

In addition, integration into the city programme “Nasz Wrocław” was carried out. Thanks to it, the inhabitants of Wrocław can park cheaper! And with Share.P, the discount is calculated automatically.

Discover how to save money right now!

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