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What is Share.P?

Share.P is an innovative plug and play parking system that digitalizes existing parking infrastructure and solves problems with parking cars and charging electric vehicles.

We believe that sustainable mobility can be brought about through technological innovation and the goodwill of people, rather than by imposing burdensome regulations.

We aim to reduce traffic and air pollution by enabling owners of commercial and residential buildings to rent out and share parking spaces and EV charging points in a secure, fully automated and customised manner.

With our mobile app you can:

Remotely open
any kind of
door, gate or barrier.

Imagine the convenience of managing a car park and granting access to any verified app users — your friends, customers or tenants — for a set period and on terms that suit you. No stranger can enter anonymously — unparalleled security is guaranteed by user authentication (KYC), advanced encryption methods, and video analysis of entering vehicles.

Activate electrical outlets/charging stations and track energy consumption.

That's what it takes to build a truly universal EV charging network – without any expensive installations. Our system is compatible with charging stations from any manufacturer. Each user is billed according to the electricity rate set by the property owner – the payment is settled in the app, instantly!

Find and reserve a parking space with charging station nearby

Never waste time looking for a free parking space again! Owners can now share their parking space to external verified users. Going on the road in an electric car? Book an EV charger as well! The reliable reservation system eliminates the need for annoying parking lots searching and can reduce city traffic by up to 70%!

Listen to
our story

We mean every word we say. Learn about the values that drove us to create Share.P!

With Share.P, every building becomes SMART.

It allows us to fully exploit the potential of existing parking infrastructure. Without huge redevelopments, enormous costs and many hours of planning.

Learn about all the unique and perfect benefits Share.P brings to properties of all types.

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