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Innovative parking solutions designed for hotels
and restaurants, tailored for 2024.

Increase guest satisfaction

save time

Save costs

Integrated parking management

Modern property

VIP invitation and Valet parking

Combination of car park and EV stations

Integration of already existing chargers

Reduce hotel car park maintenance costs by up to 23%!

By implementing Share.P, you can effectively decrease the expenses associated with maintaining your facility’s parking lot.

Our solution eliminates all unnecessary expenses associated with parking infrastructure such as maintenance, repairs, and paper tickets, which can save you a substantial amount of money in the long run.

By eliminating these expenses, we can provide a parking solution that is not only affordable but also environmentally friendly!

Tailored Management Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

Share.P offers premium parking management services tailored specifically to the needs of the hospitality industry.

We provide hotels with a convenient and efficient way to manage their parking spaces and provide guests with an enjoyable parking experience.

We enable you to take full control of the parking process from the guest’s arrival to the guest’s departure, while guaranteeing maximum security.

Maximise your parking revenue!

Are you experiencing a half-empty parking lot during times of low occupancy?
Our solution offers you the possibility to rent out your parking spaces safely and reliably all year long.

With our service, you can now attract new customers by making it easier for external visitors to locate and access your parking facility.

Take this opportunity to generate additional revenues for your business!

No more overpaying.

Upgrade your guest’s parking experience and increase your revenue stream without incurring significant costs.

Installing the Share.P system is a straightforward and rapid process that does not require removing or tarring any existing infrastructure.

As a result of its user-friendly interface, guests can quickly and easily make payments, while you have access to a wide range of valuable data and analytics that can allow you to optimize your parking operations and increase profitability.

The Share. P parking management system
provides for your facility:

Our system is compatible with all barriers and garage gates and, thanks to open software, we can integrate with other systems.

Booking and subscription system

Online payments

Guest invitations

Hotel System integration

Access Control

QR Code scan

Plate recognition

In-app access button

EV charging stations

Fully integrated into the parking system

Totally maintenance-free

Perfect for underground

Featured project

Share.P enables easy parking for hotel guests. Parking entry and exit is possible at any time and happens self-service.

In order to automate and improve the satisfaction of hotel guests, Porsche wallbox charging stations have also been integrated into the parking system and are operated from the Share.P system.

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