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Charging stations designed for
the needs of office buildings in 2024

Self-service session activation

Automatic billing with online payments

Integrated into
the parking system

Reduce the cost of building charging
infrastructure by up to 40%!

We focus on optimising the use of space for charging stations by introducing an intuitive driver rotation. Among other things, the Share.P system allows charging bookings to be entered and provides fully automated station operation.


E-mobility is the future now. Installation of EV chargers at each parking spot is a very expensive undertaking.


If you are not rechargning your car everyday it means your charging station would be used by someone else.

Switch to automated
charging stations.

We rely on contactless technology and automation. We are speeding up and simplifying the entire EV charging process by introducing charging from an app – without RFID cards.

All you need to do is set the price and availability of the station. Share.P takes care of verifying the session (including underground), billing the charge and even implements a booking system.

Earn on own terms.

Across the Share.P network, all charging rates are set individually by the owner.

The station owner sets charging prices independently! Different price lists are possible, e.g. for office employees or guests. Share.P fully manages the station and reports monthly on earnings.

Decide how to charge your customers.

Indicate the place of the station, we’ll do the rest.

Share.P comprehensively provides advice, selection, documentation, construction, installation and maintenance of EV charging stations.

Our electromobility opportunities include the management of available connection capacity, the construction of parking shelters with photovoltaic panels, the expansion of the AC and DC charging network and the connection of functioning chargers (e.g. Porsche wallbox, Tesla) to the network. Our system works with more than a dozen EV charging station manufacturers. Nevertheless, we look forward to new challenges!

Charging Station: Enelion Vertica

Share.P Charging stations
in office buildings provide:

Developed booking system

Integration with parking system

Low cost installation
and maintenance

Underground operations

Integration with other stations

AC and DC stations

Discover how to save money right now!

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Enelion Lumina

Modern design combined with additional functionality – charge your bike and car
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Enelion Vertica

A stylish charging pole ideal for business.
Open up to new customers!

Enelion Wallbox

A hassle-free wallbox to charge electric cars and hybrids! Minimalism can
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