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“Zurich startup Share.P integrates SBB ticketing into its app”


“<<Together with SBB, we want to facilitate access to public transport and achieve a partial or complete shift of individualised road transport to other modes wherever possible. A common goal is to convince drivers to leave their cars behind and switch to public transport to save time, money and CO2,>> says Mateusz Wojdylo, Share.P CEO.”


“Innosuisse supports Share.P with promotional award”


“The Zurich-based start-up Share.P has received a generous grant from Innosuisse. The Zurich-based start-up has been successful with its idea to digitalise private parking and garage spaces and charging stations for e-mobility. The grant will be invested in Share.P’s growth.”


“Share.P – App against parking shortage”


“An innovative parking app aims to end the shortage of parking spaces in Swiss cities, calm city traffic and improve the quality of life in urban centers. The startup Share.P has set itself the goal of making the only partially occupied private parking spaces accessible to users via an app. In Zurich alone, there are now over 200,000 private parking spaces that are hardly ever used.”

“Around 22,000 are completely unused because the expense of renting them out is not worth it. Public parking spaces are estimated at 32,000, 16,000 of them in the blue zone.”

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