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The Luzerner Zeitung says that


“with the planned «parking exchange», there will be […] a reduction of car traffic and CO2 emissions in cities. The potential for Zurich seems enormous.” ?

“The Zurich start-up Share.P is trying to do the supposedly impossible: to increase the number of parking spaces in cities without building a single new parking space. Parking space sharing is the keyword: Owners of private and rarely used parking spaces should rent them out to others at a certain rate. All users need for this is an app.”



“Linking rail and road: the start-up “Share.P” is teaming up with SBB”


“With this linking of rail and road, the aim is to facilitate access to public transport and to partially or completely shift road traffic to other modes of transport.”




“<<Share.P>> is now receiving help from the federal government: Innosuisse is supporting a parking lot start-up”


“Many have already failed to offer a simple app with which one can use or rent out private parking spaces. But the concept of the Zurich start-up <<Share.P>> is now even being funded by the Swiss Agency for Innovation Promotion.”


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